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Surfboard Rentals in Hawaii

Taking a trip to Waikiki? Have a rental surfboard delivered!

Thought about renting a surfboard? Lets face it, traveling to Oahu, Hawaii with a surfboard can be a big hassle. Why take your board on a Hawaii vacation? Between dragging your oversized bag around and paying the expensive surfboard baggage fees that the airlines want to impose on you it becomes evident that there could be a better way. That's why we provide a wide selection of surfboard rentals in Hawaii. Plus, we will deliver to your Waikiki or Oahu hotel or within our delivery area.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced surfer our rental surfboard stock will satisfy you. We offer brand new SURFTECH and NSP brands that are noted for their quality and durability. Renting a surfboard in Hawaii can also allow you to test drive a surfboard you would consider buying.

So when you are setting your plans to visit Hawaii be sure to make a Waikiki surfboard rental reservation. Our friendly staff will deliver it to your door. And when you are ready to leave the island we will come pick it up.

Primary Surboards
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66" NSP Fun Board

This NSP Fish are small wave machines dedicated to delivering speed and fun in less than perfect conditions. NSP Fish are the absolute cure for weak surf and are a "must have" compliment to any quiver.

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86" NSP Longboard

Popular mid-size longboard is geared pure surfing fun. Intermediate and experts will find great performance when ridden off the tail in overheard surf. Many surfers believe its the only board they need.

Premium Surboards
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61" Doc Lausch (F-85)

Thick, short and wide a thruster built for small wave fun. A great small wave alternative board for the surfer who wants to stay true to the thruster.

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76" Takayama (Egg)

This board allows riders to trim high on the wave in the middle of the board or race down the line on the tail. A very forgiving board that still holds speed and maneuverability. Great for beginners to advance riders.

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91" Hynson (HY Performance)

A performance noserider with a wide nose and pulled in tail. This design allows you to have a tip time combined with great maneuverability. This board carries speed no matter where youre standing on the board. It can be ridden as a single fin or a two plus one.

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93 Takayama (In the Pink)

This is a modern version of the Nose Rider 2 (NR2). It has a 2+1 fin setup, 60/40 rails and a harder edge towards the tail which allows the boards turning and nose riding capabilities to really shine. Its the ultimate high performance nose rider. Perfect from one foot mush to overhead barrels.

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96" Takayama (Double Ender)

Donald Takayama pulled this design from his repertoire in the early 50s and 60a. Its a classic retro design, also called the "Double Ender" because both the nose and tail are pulled in for speedy overhead sections.

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102" Takayama (Nose Rider)

This model was built with more focus on nose riding. The key word for this model is "versatility". Its rounded pintail and tri-fin setup is perfect for any turn you throw. This board excels in waves that range from ankle high to well overhead.

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Surfboard Rentals in Hawaii
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