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Boarding House HawaiiBoarding House is a mobile surfboard rental option located on Oahu, Hawaii. We provide free pick-up and delivery to various locations such as Ko Olina, Barbers Point, Ala Moana, Honolulu, Waikiki, and many more. We take the hassle and expense away from the traveling surfer, and give locals the chance to experience new boards before opening your wallet.

Boarding House was created by a true surfer that knows what itís like to have to lug a bag of surfboards around an airport and to pay hefty fees. Also to see and test different boards that you see around but just donít have the money to buy. So basically our main goal is to provide surfers the option to rent high quality surfboards on the road or at home. Surf shops and beach stands focus on beginning surfers. We cater to all levels and abilities and provide an extension to experienced surfers on their own equipment at home.

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